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Keep your transmission in the best shape possible!

In this day and age having transmission problems is no small deal.  This can be expensive.  Since owning my transmission shop, I have seen that when people make the effort to take care of their vehicle, it usually pays off.  Here are some tips to help your transmission last you as long as possible. 

  • Service your transmission once every 30,000 miles or more often depending on the work you do with your vehicle.
  • Don't fall into the trap of having your transmission flushed with a "machine".  We at Preferred Transmissions believe that you should change the fluid AND the filter - a flushing machine is not needed to accomplish this.  When you do a complete service like this, you can go more miles between services and you are not mixing a few quarts of new oil with a few quarts of old oil.
  • Most late model cars and especially commercial trucks can benefit from installing a transmission cooler. 
  • Most trucks should gear down when pulling a hill, escpecially when you are carrying a heavy load or towing.  You should move your shift lever down to "3" in heavy work situations. 
  • Check your transmission fluid to make sure it is full.  Also make sure the transmission fluid looks really healthy and does not have a burnt smell. 
  • If you develop a leak, have it fixed immediately, you do not want to drive it when it is low on fluid and risk burning up your transmission.
  • Stay away from adding transmission additives to your transmission fluid.  We believe that it is more important to just change the entire fluid and filter on a regular basis.  If you have a transmission problem, an additive will probably not help.

4 Costly Misconceptions
  1. "I need a new transmission."   You don't always need a new transmission.  With the advancement of computers and electronics, many transmission problems are not in the transmission at all, but could be an external sensor or switch.  These days alot of concerns are corrected by a Reflash - which is an update in the software of the computer.  We are equipped to handle this for you on every make and model vehicle.  Preferred Transmissions can accurately diagnose and repair that transmission problem and possibly save you hundreds of dollars on the transmission repair. 
  2. "I'll call around for the best price."  The 1st question most consumers ask is how much does a rebuilt cost?  A transmission repair technican must first test drive, examine, and diagnose the transmission problem before the transmission shop can give an accurate repair estimate.  Preferred Transmissions will not give you a low transmission estimate on the phone, then jack-up the price when you get there.
  3. "The large transmission shops are the best choice."  Large transmission shops don't always offer the best VALUE or give you that personal touch that we can. We have over 20 years of transmission service experience. 
  4. "All transmission repair shops are the same."  Not unless the shop you choose constantly trains to keep current with transmission technology, use current transmission diagnostics and transmission repair equipment, and belong to a technical service such as ATRA.
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